Regarding The Plaza Theatre

Due to controversy this week surrounding The Plaza Theatre, we are not comfortable with associating ourselves with the venue at this time, and have therefore decided to postpone this Friday’s screening until further notice.

In lieu of the screening, we are working to set up an alternate, live music-centric, event with Crystal Eyes for which the proceeds will go to women’s support organizations. More information on this will follow as we get it set up.

The Fifth Reel is committed to hosting events that are inclusive for all our patrons. And we have been paying close attention to the situation at The Plaza, and share the same concerns that many have expressed regarding the management’s value judgments towards hate speech and women’s rights.

Even though we rent time and space at the Plaza, we are a separate organization and not affiliated with the theatre in any way. We have been hosting our events at The Plaza for nearly five years, but in light of recent events, we have a hard time justifying continued financial support.

We feel that we’ve created a home as a part of the Kensington community, and we appreciate that The Plaza has been a hub of that community for many years. We are now considering other venues for our future screenings, but are concerned about how that would affect the experience that we’ve worked very hard to create; the experience our attendees have come to associate with the Fifth Reel. We welcome your messages to our inbox [] voicing your thoughts on this.

We started out as just two people who love movies, and wanted to share that love and create an experience that’s fun and welcoming to all. And we want to continue to do so in whatever way we can.